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C-Town's Sohma Family House

Be careful when around the opposite sex!

The C-Town Sohma Family!
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This a community reserved for the Sohma Family of C-Town (Cranford).
It's a closed community reserved just for the members of the "family" so please don't ask to join.
The family includes:
Real Name (Nickname) Sohma Family Name
-Doug (aka Victor) Yuki Sohma
-Rob (aka Rune) Shigure Sohma
-Michael (aka Zai) Ayame Sohma
-Paul (aka Haru) Hatsuharu Sohma
-Mark (aka Jeo) Hiro Sohma
Family Members currently not on LiveJournal:
-Nick (aka Nejik) Kyo Sohma
-Chris (aka Repter) Hatori Sohma

Long live the C-Town Sohma Family!

In addition to being the C-Town Sohmas, we also have come to be known by other "families" of characters too, such as:

The C-Town (Deadly) Sins Reference: Fullmetal Alchemist
Nick = Sloth
Rob = Greed
Michael = Envy
Doug = Wrath
Paul = Gluttony
Mark = Pride