Zai Redwinters (zairedwinters) wrote in c_town_sohmas,
Zai Redwinters

New AC5 info & new Fire Emblem game announced!

Armored Core V info from Gamescom

-In addition to four-players in multiplayer, a fifth player can assume the role of an operator who is given a top-down view of the battlefield and can plant markers for his/her teammates to follow.

-Online mode is persistent even when offline. If you're online, you will defend your territory in an actual match. If you are offline your territory is protected by upgradable turrents placed at your own discretion.

Game still has a tentative NA release date of "2012".

EDIT: Word is going around that Nintendo will soon anounce a 3DS Fire Emblem game. The game will take place in the same continuity as FE6 and 7 for GBA, 100 years after the events of 6.
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